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Conscious Relationships

I’m Clara Angel, Your Bilingual Psychotherapist in New York, Specializing in different cutting-edge modalities and one of my psychological tools for treatment is the concept of conscious relationship inside of ourselves and connection with others.

Good relationships are not a spontaneous happening, but a conscious exercise of free will, directed toward a new, higher game, that raises the level of connection in a relationship — conscious relationships.


I assist individuals, couples, and groups to improve their relationships within themselves and others to create new, previously unrealized levels of happiness and fulfillment, as well as support single individuals to avoid typical pitfalls in developing a fulfilling relationship.

My methods reveal and emphasize what people really want to achieve in a relationship, including passion, fulfillment, and deep love and connection.

Through my framework you will understand where you are, including your needs and values, and specific next steps to address issues and challenges and to create a more conscious relationship.

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