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P O S I T I V E   C H A N G E

I specialize in using awareness of the body and mind to bring positive change.

Emotional and psychological issues can have a significant
impact on personal well-being.

People come to therapy for personal growth, feeling stuck, wanting to change patterns, general sense of dissatisfaction, transitions, illness, or everything looks good on the outside but doesn’t feel good on the inside …

Whatever your reason, we will set meaningful goals and tailor your treatment to suit your individual needs.

As human beings, we are wired for personal growth. I believe that within us all there is great potential for growth and transformation. Through my psychotherapeutic approach, we will access the sources of vitality and authenticity within to create positive change.

Psychotherapy in New York NYC

I would consider it an honor to be your guide, witness, and companion of your amazing and unique journey.